Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poor Eli

Since I am stuck at home with Eli, I thought I should post an update. Eli has had a hard day today. He has been sick all week, so I took him to the doctor and found out he has Hand Foot Mouth virus, which causes flu-like symptoms and these awful blisters all over. He even has them in his mouth, which is so painful for him. He has had a hard time eating anything. I have to make sure he gets enough fluids so he doesn't dehydrate and have to go to the hospital. Apparently he is really contagious, so we have to stay home this week (sure hope he didn't expose anyone before we found out).

Here are the bumps on knuckles of his hand.

And his big toe.

Poor guy. He really is trying to have a good attitude. He played outside for a little bit.

...until he fell in the puddle. That just put him over the edge.

He was so frustrated to be wet and dirty.

A warm bath cheered him up for a little bit.

Good night, my sweet Eli. I hope you sleep better tonight. We got some medicine at the doctor's today so hopefully that will help you sleep.


Hodge Family said...

Oh I am so sorry he has to go through that. It is so sad when they get sick. :(

april said...

Poor baby~

Jen said...

Poor Eli. Allison had that when she was a year. It sounds so foriegn and serious. The things kids get themselves into! Hopefully he'll feel better soon. It's almost worse on the mom!