Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kidspace Family Photography

I was so excited to photograph Tracy, Will, Lily and Benjamin at Kidspace earlier this month. Tracy picked Kidspace in Pasadena for the session and it was a perfect place for the family to have some fun together. I loved the variety and opportunity for the family to interact.

Lily loved to make faces at the camera.

Benjamin having a blast with daddy.

There was this fun fountain that shot up periodically. The kids had fun running through it.

Some fun climbing areas for Benjamin - the little monkey!

I was glad we went during the fall, so we could take advantage of the bales of hay Kidspace makes into a hay maze. Lily and Benjamin throwing hay in the air.

Running through the maze.

I loved the light in the hay maze.

Kidspace had this beautiful field of flowers that matched Lily’s hat, and as a bonus it matched some of Tracy’s scrapbook paper - yay! This is my favorite series of the day, with my favorite photo first:

I thought it was funny that the hat fit Tracy so well. :)

Thanks for letting me share the day with you, I love your family and am sad you will be moving soon.

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dunlop family said...

SO CUTE! did you use a certian action to get those pics to look a bit antiqued? i love em! they are such a cutie family!