Thursday, July 26, 2007

Baby's Nursery

The baby's nursery is almost done, and I am so excited. I just love it! Now I can't wait for little Elijah to come, so we can actually use the room. It is amazing to me how it all came together. We started out with a bedding set we loved: Swazi by Kidsline. We picked a complimentary creamy yellow color for the walls, and then found a rug that brought out the deep red accents. This went so well with the black furniture we choose, and it all seemed to fall together from there.

Elijah 8.19.07 026
7.26.07 7.26.07 (3)
7.26.07 (2)
Elijah 8.19.07 021

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Pouring!

Baby showers! They are so much fun!! Well, I had several small showers for the different people in my life: family, friends, work and church. I can't believe how generous everyone was! They really took care of our little Eli Keith. Brian and I keep commenting that there is no way we could have prepared for the baby without everyone's generosity - we'd be broke! We got TONs of clothes from the showers. We laugh that the baby has more clothes than us! There was a clear winner though - a cute set of sport onsies from Carters - we got 4!!! I guess great minds think alike. But now that the showers are over, we've got to organize everything and put it all away. Right now, our nursery looks like Babies R Us exploded in there! :)
7.17.07 (48)
7.17.07 (50) 7.17.07 (54)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Belly vs. Feet

The big debate: whether my feet are growing faster than my prego belly... What do you think? I think my feet might have something growing in them too. :)
7.17.07 (29) 7.17.07 (31)