Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Pouring!

Baby showers! They are so much fun!! Well, I had several small showers for the different people in my life: family, friends, work and church. I can't believe how generous everyone was! They really took care of our little Eli Keith. Brian and I keep commenting that there is no way we could have prepared for the baby without everyone's generosity - we'd be broke! We got TONs of clothes from the showers. We laugh that the baby has more clothes than us! There was a clear winner though - a cute set of sport onsies from Carters - we got 4!!! I guess great minds think alike. But now that the showers are over, we've got to organize everything and put it all away. Right now, our nursery looks like Babies R Us exploded in there! :)
7.17.07 (48)
7.17.07 (50) 7.17.07 (54)

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