Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1

Last night I had my "last meal" - a yummy carne asada burrito with grilled onions and mushrooms. Actually, in the past few days I've eaten all the yummy non-diet food in my pantry. I couldn't just throw it all away. I probably gained 5 pounds trying to enjoy all my favorite foods before I can't have them anymore. Why do we do that? I can't be the only one with the foreboding sense that the world is ending when starting a new diet.

I met with Kristy and Jeff Sketeris on January 1st in preparation for our new diet plan. We are basically eating a low carb diet, with emphasis on eating a protein and vegetable with each meal and snack. We have had success with low-carb diets (both Atkins and South Beach) in the past. The thing I am most worried about is our ability to stay on it long-term. In the past, we stayed on the diets for a few weeks or months, but felt so deprived we would eventually go off the diet and go back to our normal habits. This diet is different, in that we can have a serving of carbs after we exercise and in our three "cheat" meals each week. I hope this will make the difference to make this a life-style change.

So today is day 1 on our diet. So far so good. We are eating our veggies, protein and fruit in 2-3 hour increments. I feel optimistic about losing weight and becoming healthier. I will be posting our progress on our blog. Here goes nothing.