Monday, September 10, 2007

Who does he look like?

Everyone ask us: "Who does he look like?" Well, we've decided... he looks like a baby. A very cute baby though. :)
So far it looks like he has my lips and Brians brow line (especially when he scrunches up his face). His hair is red and his eyes are blue, but that may change. What do you think? Who does he look like?
Elijah prof 10.2.07 023
Elijah prof 10.2.07 036

Elijah prof 9.9.07 025

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Every day it seems that Eli learns or experiences something new. He already seems to be growing up so fast (too fast for his Mama who wants to keep him so sweet and small forever).
Eli has already had many firsts--first meal, first car ride, first walk, first doctor's visit, first trip to grammy's, etc.--but this past weekend we decided to give Eli his first bath and take him for his first swim. Though in true Baker/Jones fashion, he had his first swim before his first bath!! He enjoyed spashing around in the water, and we predict that he will be a true water bug like his mom and dad when they were growing up.
Elijah 9.10.07 034 Elijah 9.10.07 183

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Eli's Wrath

From the moment he was born, we knew Eli had a big set of lungs on him - not to mention a big temper, especially when he is hungry. Eli likes to eat (a lot). He's already gained almost 2 pounds!!
But where did he learn this sign?? Not from me...
Elijah 9.10.07 132 revised Elijah 9.10.07 057