Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Elijah is excited to announce our BIG news...

That's right, we are expecting again! We are due August 11th, four days away from Eli's second birthday (August 15th). You would have thought we planned it that way, but no, it's just what the Lord had in mind for us. So being almost at the end of my first trimester, I thought we should make our official announcement. My pregnancy has been going well so far, except for some tiredness and mild morning sickness, which has already started to pass. We couldn't ask for a better experience and are grateful for our blessings.

BTW: I bought this shirt as soon as I found out and that's how I told Brian and my mom that we were expecting. They were super excited.

Day at the Park

Okay, I know I left the poop post up way too long. So to atone for that, here are several updates, including some big news to follow in the next post...

Right before Christmas, Brian and I took Eli to the park and took some photos of him to give to our family. Half of these are Brian's photos. I can't even tell which ones are mine or his. Isn't he getting so good at taking photos? That's good because we can't afford a real photographer for our family and I shouldn't be absent from all our future photos. :)

Our goal was to get some frame-able shots. I think we got some cute ones.

This is my favorite shot of the day. We enlarged this so it could be framed.

Swing time. He really is a happy boy. He was overjoyed to play at the park with us. The only challenge is to get him to look up. He is pretty good at ignoring us.

Eli catching falling leaves.

This one cracked me up.

Photography Blog Update

I have updated my photography blog with several new photo sessions, including the Menlove's family session. To check out my photography blog, click HERE.