Friday, November 21, 2008

Furious Photographers

People often ask me where I get my inspiration and ideas. There are some awesome original and innovative photographers online. One of the blogs I check all the time for inspiration is Furious Photographers: I may not be as hip and cool as them, but I try. :P

One of the cool Furious Photographers, Lawrence, has started a blog with tools and tips for other photographers. It is a great resource - check it out:

They are also super nice. I have emailed them with questions and for help and they always amaze me by writing back with encouraging words. Totally blows my impression of what great photographers are like. In a recent TTD session I did in Downtown LA, Doug (with Furious Photographers) actually stopped by. I'm not sure it was what he expected, but he was kind enough to give me some great pointers and ideas. I will post the session soon so you can see the amazing shots I got with his help. Keep posted.

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