Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Part 2: The Reception

Here is the second installment of Dan and Missy's wedding. After the sealing ceremony in Salt Lake, we drove to Sandy for their reception that night. We had forgotten the address, but we knew the street and the location name, so we figured we'd find it. After driving on the road for 10+ minutes, we started joking about not finding it. Then we saw a big cemetery and sarcastically said, "I bet it's at the cemetery!" Well, it was! Not actually in the cemetery, but beside it. They had converted a nursery into a reception location. Very clever and very beautiful, but unexpected nonetheless. Brian wanted to give Dan a hard time about it. I said "no" until Brian reminded me about our wedding. At our wedding reception, we had a butterfly release to symbolize our new life together, but when we opened the little cases, one of the butterflies was dead. Dan showed Brian the dead one and said, "So, what does this symbolize?" So anyways, Brian gave Dan a hard time about his reception location being at the cemetery.


Gray, Kamaile & Wehilani Ronk said...

Amber, I am always amazed at your pictures, they are great. If you are ever in Portland for some reason or other, call us, I would love to have some family pictures taken.

Melissa Buckmiller said...

I have to tell you that we LOVE THESE PICTURES SO MUCH!!!! I've bookmarked your page and sent it to everyone on my email list. These pictures are amazing and they are so much more artistic than our photographers!!!! YOu truly have an amazing talent. We are so grateful for all of your help and for taking such beautiful pictures that really help us remember the day and the beauty of it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
you're amazing.
much love
the rileys