Sunday, August 17, 2008

Best Buds

Eli and Donovan are so cute together. Cori and I had fun with a mini photo shoot a few weeks ago. We got some pictures of Donovan and then tried to get some of them together, but the boys wouldn't cooperate. Either Eli or Donovan cried and tried to push away and sometimes they both did!

Here are some photos of cutie pie Donovan:

I love this series in black and white. This would make a nice arrangement, compiled in a frame together.

Here is one of Eli playing with his huge stuffed elephant. I love his bright blue eyes.

And one sweet photo of the boys together. The rest involve pushing, crying and trying to get away (mostly on Eli's part - I thought he would be the easy one!).

1 comment:

Sterling and Cori Anne said...

I love them Amber! Those boys together are so sweet! And I agree with the frame idea!