Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost a year...

Eli is almost a year old. He will turn one on Friday. I can't believe my little baby isn't a baby anymore. He is definitely turning into a toddler, with a will and personality all his own. "Mischief" should be his middle name. He seems to be on the lookout for trouble, whether it's taking garbage out of the trash can or putting things in (that don't go there). A week ago, he put my keys in the basket of shoes. I should have learned my lesson because the very next day, I spent 45 minutes searching for my keys again, and found them... in the diaper pail. Ewwweee! Stinky! Then a few days ago, he dumped my cell phone in the toilet, and when he brought it back to me it was dripping wet and wouldn't work. Life with a toddler sure is interesting. ;p

For this photo shoot, I wanted to get Eli to hold a large "1" for his birthday. That lasted about 2 seconds before he threw it and ran away.

He was much more interested in Daddy's phone. He loves to imitate us. If we are doing something like talking on the phone, he wants to do it. I'll hold the phone up to his ear for him to "talk" to daddy, and he says "Hey-ooooo". He is starting to imitate our words a lot and really likes to say his own name: "Eeee-yaiiiiii".

Whenever, Eli holds the phone up to talk, he actually puts it behind his head. It is hilarious.

Eli is very curious, and has been fascinated by the mirror recently. He will look into it, "talk" to the other baby, and then try to give it "kisses" (really just an open mouth slobber).

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Dallessandro's said...

Soo cute!
Claire just turned 16 months and does not sit still but she is alot of fun!