Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's in a name?

What should I call my photography business? There is so much meaning in a name. It's connotations, sounds, and syllables all help to form a mental picture in our heads. I studied linguistics when I was in college, so I think I am way over analyzing this decision...

The name should be memorable and sound pleasing to the ear. I would also like the name to be fresh and fun, but also romantic and nostalgic.

I need to pick a name for my photography business, so I'd like your help. What would make you pick up the phone for a wedding? baby? family? Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the comments below, and please vote in the poll to your right -->


Kristy said...

I like Paper Moon a lot. If you've got babies on the brain, it brings up images of nurseries & nursery rhymes. If you've got weddings on the mind, it sounds sophisticated and nostalgic. Plus, it's unique. How'd you come up w/ that one?

Brian&Amber said...

Me too! That one was my favorite for those reasons. But... I found a Paper Moon Photography online, so I'd probably have to use Paper Moon Photo officially for a website and maybe if I register my business (which I don't quite like as much). Anyone know if that's a problem? is it copyright infringement? I don't think I'd ever get big enough for it to be a big deal. But still, it worries me.

It's a Nat King Cole song I love... "It's only a paper moon, hanging over a cardboard sea, but it wouldn't be make believe if you believe in me." So sweet! BTW: I stole your word - nostalgic - that's the word I was looking for! Thanks, Kristy. ;)