Saturday, July 12, 2008

Water Park

This past weekend, we went to the Santa Fe Dam Water Park. It's just a little play area, with a wading pool, play equipment and a few little slides. It's the perfect size for Eli to explore.

This is Eli's little friend, Ronato, from Stroller Strides. Eli had a blast pushing him around in his little car.

This is Kristy, who runs Stroller Strides, and her little girl, Mia. Isn't she adorable?

And a random picture of Eli. Doesn't he look like he is swimming? Not sure how that happened...


Catherine said...

i have no idea who you are but i saw that you took my friend leahs pictures of her pregnancy and just wanted to drop a note to say that you did a FAB job. i got a little stalkerish and looked at all the pictures of your lil guy. hes the cutest! you have amazing creative outlook and you can really tell from all your pictures. good luck with your business. if i EVER get married ill call you :)

Brian&Amber said...

Thanks for your kind words, Catherine. I see you know other people in the stake. Which ward are you from? We are in Arcadia.

And please do keep my in mind for WHEN (not if) you get married. ;)