Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Breath of Heaven

I love newborns. They are so small and fragile. I think they give us a glimpse of heaven in their eyes, so new and pure. You can see their spirit trying to figure this world out.

I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Leah and Tyler's new baby: Zoe. She was just 10 days old at the time of the session. You can tell that she is already starting to move past that curled up, sleepy newborn stage. Having been through it, now I realize how fleeting those moments are. So, at the shoot, I tried to capture her innocence and newness.

I really wanted to get some sweet pictures of Zoe sleeping. This only lasted a little bit, since she was too interested in what was going on. She really is a very alert and curious baby.

I love this photo because daddy is changing Zoe, with a little help from mama.

Zoe started getting a little mad with all the moving around. But daddy had the magic touch.

I love this one because daddy is singing in Zoe's ear. Every time she would start to fuss, he would sing to her and she would instantly quiet down and listen intently.

This is definitely a daddy hold:

I really like this set with mom holding her little girl:

Zoe was so sweet in this little basket. She was quite content to sit outside and look around at everything.

Their little doggy was feeling left out. He really wanted to be in the pictures, so I obliged:

And for everyone that asked about this photo in reverse--with her looking 'ahead'--here is that version. I actually did this one first, but ended up liking the one I posted below. I think we would need to see her face in the mirror for this one to be better.


dunlop family said...

girl! you did GREAT! i love them!! so i have another blog...it's called my pocket full of posies...i dont know if you knew that yet...anyway, take a look ...tell me what you think...i could ALWAYS use some advice! and i would LOVE some from you! like how in the WORLD did you do that "looking ahead" picture!

ps love the hat!

dunlop family said...

i was seriously up all night thinking of names!! how funny is that! i tried to think of sweet things like fruit...pineapple crush...coconut pie, and then i thought of things like love, lovely, sweet memories, creating memories, simply you,your memories, cherished moments, all about you, paper bubble, cheek to cheek, and your post title breath of heaven was sweet... then i thought maybe think of your fave color...like mine is green and i thought green masche...(i dont know how to spell that word you know, it's paper that you get wet with stuff and make things out of it...it sound like the i spelled it...i know. i'm a dork) so seriously that's what i did all night. maybe that will give you an idea...i dont know... but i had fun!

AmberBaker said...

I love your ideas! It seems that you were on the same wavelength as me. I had Cheek to Cheek as one of my top ones, and I really like Paper Bubble - it sounds similar to Paper Moon, which is what I'm leaning toward right now. Did you like any of the names in my poll to the right of the page?

Jeremy and Taren said...

The pic above the comments is amazing. You are an incredible photographer!

mypocketfullofposies said...

i LOVEDpaper moon too...so much...thats where i got paper bubble
i know a lot of people have voted for flutter shutter photo. and i dont want to come off bad in ANY way...but it's kind of a lot to get out...then i was thinking of something with one word...since photography is such a long one anyway. so i thought of your last name-baker-then i thought "baking photography" i know sounds so weird. you cant "bake" photo's...But kind of! you are "making" photo's and "making" memories...baking photography...so i dont know...tell me what you think.

dunlop family said...

sorry! that was me...teresa...i was on the other blog!