Friday, June 20, 2008

Playing at the Park

Each morning, Eli and I go to the park for our exercise class--Stroller Strides. I look forward to it every day! In the class we walk or jog to different areas of the park, and then we park the strollers and do some cardio or strength training. It changes every day, and I love it! It gives me so much energy during the day, and I can tell I'm getting stronger (hopefully, losing weight too). The other reason I look forward to this class, is the great group of moms that go. They are all so nice, I've made several good friends to hang out with. Sometimes after the class, we'll sit at the park and let the kids play.

On this day, Eli decided to practice his head-stands, which he has been doing lately. I've been wanting to catch his cuteness on film, but before this he wouldn't cooperate. You can't exactly bribe or coerce a baby to do head-stands. :p

Our instructor, Kristy, brought a hand held bubble-maker. Eli loves bubbles! We should get something like this to entertain him.

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