Saturday, June 21, 2008

Go Dodgers!

On Saturday, we went to the Dodger game with the Brian and Amelia Smith. Of course we picked the hottest day of the year for a noon game! Ugh! When we got there, some nice people moved over so we could sit in the shade. It seems there are some perks to having a baby with you. We brought a TON of water bottles, a spray bottle and a fan to help keep us cool. I was pretty worried about Eli, but he seemed to handle the heat alright.

Eli started getting really tired towards the end. He rested on daddy's shoulder.

While Eli was resting, I had fun with some creative shots of the game. Then I 'posterized' them with my editing program. What do you think? Neat effect or just cheesy?

(This Dodger--Jeff Kent--is in our ward at church. It was fun to see him play.)

Well, they didn't win and it was a shame. They were tied until we left after the 9th inning. Then the Dodger's got creamed in the 11th inning: 2-7 I believe.


Jeremy and Taren said...

So cute. Doesn't he have a birthday coming up in Aug? Wow, time flies by. Our blog is Talk to you soon.

Leah and Tyler Forester said...

Amber you have a great eye for photography, I think you should pursue it as a professional career someday. I would pay for you to take pics of my fam that's for sure. Great blogging.

Brian&Amber said...

Leah, I'd love to take photos of your family, your pregnancy or your new baby... Someday I would like to become a photographer, so I need practice.

corryfever said...

i love his hair!!!