Sunday, June 15, 2008

Playing at Home

Eli is now 10 months old. It still feels like he should be a little peanut so small in my arms. But he doesn't want to be... He is turning into a toddler before my very eyes. He toddles around, picking up cheerios, waving 'hi' or 'bye bye' to everyone. It is kind of sad, but at the same time it brings to much joy to my heart to see his personality emerge. I can imagine it will only get better and better as he grows and becomes a wonderful little person with his own ideas and mannerisms.

Right now, he loves to play and explore. He likes to figure out how things work. It's almost like I can see his little brain gears moving and turning, trying to take it all in and figure things out. The past few days, he has been fascinated by this little train. He pushes the button on the top and the balls inside come out and spin into the hole. At first he would get frustrated, as they would disappear before he could grab them. But he has gotten fast at grabbing them as they come out. Just recently, he has realized he can drop a ball in the hole and it will reappear at the top. Now, I just have to keep bigger balls out of sight, or they get stuck. :p

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