Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas is so much more fun with Eli. Even though he didn't really know what was going on--from his perspective, I'm sure it was just a bunch of boxes and toys shoved in his hands while the camera flash blinded him--he was a good sport and seemed to enjoy all the attention. His first present from Santa was a huge Tonka truck. It is so big that he can ride in it or push it.
Eli has a good time pulling the paper and ribbons off the presents. It was fun to have him help unwrap his gifts, even if it took a lot longer. Eli definitely made out like a bandit. He got books, DVDs, cute outfits and toys, toys, toys: like a huge musical block, a big stuffed elephant, a train, balls, blocks, pull toys and stackers... and more!
IMG_1704 IMG_1712
After our Christmas at home, we went to the Merkley's in Glendora to open a few presents and have our traditional Christmas lunch: soup and sandwiches.
Then we went to Eli's Grammy and Grandpa's to open even more presents. He is spoiled already! Grammy and Grandpa got him the big rocking horse as well as legos, xylophone and a bead maze.
Eli tested everything for quality, using his own custom tester: his mouth. :)
IMG_1881 IMG_1865

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