Saturday, December 29, 2007

First Trip to the Zoo

After Christmas, we took Eli to his first trip to the zoo. Since it was Christmastime, they had some cool reindeer:
It also gave us the chance to try out our new stroller - our other big present to each other (mostly me) for Christmas. Since I've joined my Stroller Strides exercise class, I was starting to destroy our current lightweight stroller. So we decided to invest in a good all terrain stroller that can travel over grass and rough trails. We did a lot of research and decided to get a brand called Phil & Teds, which converts into a double stroller when we have a second child. It's really unique and way cool.
IMG_1924 IMG_2291
Eli had a good time at the zoo, until he couldn't sleep and got grumpy. Here's his cute grumpy face. He sticks out his lower lip, just like Great Grandfather Merkley.

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