Monday, December 3, 2007

Santa Baby

We decided to dress Eli up as our little Santa baby for our family Christmas cards this year. I think he's so adorable in his little Santa suit!! I had such a hard time deciding which photo to use - I guess thats a good dilemma.

Eli is now 3 1/2 months old (15 weeks). I swear he is growing before my very eyes. He is 14.5 lbs already! Just this past week, Eli has learned to reach out for and grab his toys. He seemed to learn the skill all at once. He always used to just look at his toys. He was interested and would track them with his eyes but never hold them Then one day he reached up on his play gym and started batting at the toys above him. The next thing I knew, he was reaching out, grabbing his toys, holding onto them and bringing everything to his mouth. Now he is even passing them back and forth between his hands, which is a huge milestone for hand-eye coordination. How fun it is to see him grow, learn and develop.

We just got the Canon D40--our Christmas present to each other this year--so we are having fun experimenting with and learning how to use our new camera. I'd really like to get into wedding photography and childrens' portraits, so this will be great equipment for that. And I'm definitely busy practicing my photography skills with Eli. Brian has joked that I am chronicling his growth moment by moment. I told him that was my goal - to be able to create one of those flip books where we can see him grow before our very eyes. :)

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