Saturday, December 22, 2007

Foster Kitty

We adopted this little kitten for the Merkleys so that Anna could be surprised on Christmas morning. When Robin called a week before Christmas to ask if we could help them out, I begged and pleaded for the kitten to come. I finally convinced Brian (only because I PROMISED to take care of everything). Well, the first warning signs should have been Nyx's hisses and growls for it to stay away. For the first two days we had to keep them locked in separate rooms for fear Nyx would eat the little thing. Well, they eventually made their peace enough to play, but not for me...
The little kitten was a terror! She knocked ornaments off the tree, chased the garlands and holly, clawed the couch, woke us up with her mews, bit Eli's fingers... Then she repeatedly jump on the laptop keyboard, and when I tried to kick her off she took one of the keys with her!! At least Eli had fun with the little kitty, and I got some photo opportunities. :)
IMG_1328 IMG_1354
Here is Anna on Christmas morning with her new kitten, Naomi. She is much much cuter now that she is at their house. :)

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