Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trash the Dress

Tara is the best! Even after our engagement/couples shoot a few weeks ago, she was up for a bridal portrait session with me. I wanted some experience with a unique photo session called "Trash the Dress".

If you don't know about Trash the Dress, it is a photography session done after the wedding, where the bride and groom (or just the bride) wear their wedding attire. Then we find some really cool, unique locations to take some fun and funky shots that are just not possible on the wedding day. Some ideas are a gritty urban downtown, a funky beach town, a romantic beach/pier, a fun carnival, a rustic field, etc.

Don't let the name scare you, you don't have to actually Trash your wedding Dress (unless you want to). If you don't have any cool images from your wedding day that you really love or you just like unique, edgy photography and want to wear your wedding dress again (who doesn't?), contact me to schedule your own Trash the Dress photo shoot:

Some detail.

Getting ready.

We headed over to Wilderness Park in Arcadia for these portraits. The lighting was to die for and Tara is gorgeous - couldn't have been better. This is my favorite of the day.

Tara was up for anything I suggested, even laying down in her beautiful wedding dress. It got a little dirty but no harm done. I think it was worth it for these.

Great shoes; even better that they are a bit dirty. It just epitomizes our Trash the Dress Session.

Then we headed over to Tim's Auto Repair in Azusa for some really unique bridal/Trash the Dress shots. This old Thunderbird was awesome. It just completes Tara and her wedding dress.

Love the gaudy hang tag.

Then Tara decided to work on the car. Wouldn't you like her to be your mechanic?

Thanks, Tara, for an amazing Bridal/Trash the Dress shoot. You truly look like a model.


corryfever said...

amber, you are one talented cookie! thank you so much for these great shots. it was such a fun day. i wish it was my wedding all over again, you would be my go-to girl.

Hodge Family said...

wow amber you are really doing a good job. I wish I was that good. he he Maybe one day