Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mia's Birthday - Continued

We were supposed to shoot a few photos of Mia and her family after her birthday party a couple of weeks ago. But Mia was a little bit exhausted after her big day - she slept for a 4 hour nap and we missed the light! So this last weekend, we went to the park for a quick photo session.

We started out at their home, where Mia showed me her new big girl bed. She had a lot of fun playing peek-a-boo with the pretty sheer curtains on her bed.

Then she wanted to jump on her parents' bed.

After we were done jumping on the bed, we headed to the park.

She enjoyed being swung in the air between her parents. I love this one.

She had been so adamant about putting on her shoes at home, but as soon as we got to the park, off they went.

Climbing up the ladder.

Down the slide. Don't you just love the static in her hair?

Mia got this adorable little red tricycle for her birthday. She kept a close eye on it the whole time at the park. She kept going back to check and make sure no one else played on it.

She decided to tackle the big jungle gym and scary ladder.

Kristy was a little worried. You can see the tension in her hands.

And down the scary steep slide. Her eyes are scrunched shut.

Having fun at the park.

And finally, a nice family portrait.


Kristy said...

Thanks, Amber! These are awesome! :o)

Mary A. said...

Your pictures are always spectacular but these are my favorite yet. Wow!

dunlop family said...


can i just say that you are not only incredibly great at this photography stuff, but you have got to be one of the sweetest people. i am so excited for the day we get to meet each other, because darn it we need to! you are so nice to me! i have this "normal"camera and not the greatest version of photo shop and my dont EVER come out as clear, sharp or AWESOME as yours and yet you still visit my site AND leave such lovely comments...thank you!

ps do you have an invite to my family blog? i dont see you comment on that site and i got to thinking maybe you dont have an in!

hill mill said...

Sis. Baker! This is Hillary, Shauna Miller's daughter- your pictures are fantastic! I am curious as to what camera you have...