Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Portrait Session

Last weekend I did a portrait session with Crystal, David and their adorable son, James. James' middle name is Danger, which is so appropriate. He is full of energy and has no fear. He completely forgot I was there and had so much fun running and playing with his parents. I love capturing these kind of candid moments, recording the raw emotions.

Just so you know, I will be posting my photography on a dedicated business website soon. So you won't have to see long posts about my photography, unless you want to. ;)

We started off our photo session with a trip to the Monrovia library. Crystal brings James there all the time and he loves it.

I love this one of them all reading together.

However, James lost interest fast, in favor of running up and down the aisles, chasing daddy.

Then we headed to the park for some playtime together.

Dad and James had so much fun roughhousing together. Such a sweet moment.

Some detail to remember his little hands. I love that it shows his dirty fingers.

But at heart, James is a mama's boy. No matter how hard he played, he kept coming back to her.

A romantic moment. It can still happen after kids.

James feet are so cute and little compared with mom and dad's.

Now for some fun times on the playground equipment. James has NO fear.

He climbed right up to the top of this steep slide and didn't hesitate to slide right down.

I think it scared him just a little.

He LOVED to fly through the air with dad. He caught some serious air.

I love this one with mom.

James and Dad had fun playing in the sand.

Riding on dad's shoulders. This is his preferred way of being carried.

"What are you guys doing?"

Crystal also asked me to take a some portraits James in his cute dragon Halloween costume for her scrapbooking and Halloween cards this year. Yes, you heard right - Crystal has already made his costume. She is on top of things and she is a super talented seamstress and scrapbooker (she is a Close To My Heart consultant, so contact her if you are interested).

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Hodge Family said...

cute pictures. TO bad we aren't closer, and wow that costume is good. I wish I could do that. I bought Masons Costume a couple weeks ago. :) he is going to be a monkey :)