Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eli's First Haircut

We took Eli in for his first haircut a couple of weeks ago, right before his first birthday. (I am so far behind on my blogging - there is so much to go!) His hair was getting really shaggy on the sides and would hang down into his eyes in the front. So we took him to a local kids haircut salon for his first haircut. I decided to take him and not do it myself for a couple of reasons: 1) so he didn't end up with an awful cut right before his party, 2) so I could see how they cut it for next time, and 3) so I could take some photos of his first haircut. The guy was really quick and patient with Eli. Eli was actually pretty good, he just wanted to look around and see what the guy was doing to his hair. I think it turned out nice. He definitely looks older.

When they were done with the haircut, Eli got a balloon. He was having so much fun with it, we decided to let him run around the park and get some energy out before dinner.

After his balloon popped, Eli gathered some sticks. No surprise - he gathers sticks every day after Stroller Strides. He's a funny boy.


Jill said...

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Hodge Family said...

hey you. I can't believe Eli had his first hair cut.