Saturday, May 17, 2008

Families are Forever

This Saturday, my grandfather and Grace McKendrick were sealed in the Los Angeles Temple. It is weird to attend your own grandfather's wedding. But they are so sweet together; you can tell they are very happy.

It was so special to have all our family together in the temple. After the sealing, as our family gathered in the Celestial room there was such a spirit of love and togetherness - that must be what heaven will be like.

Here are some pics of the adorable Henderson girls: Hallie and Claire:

Eli and his grammy:

Eli practicing his photography skills.

Here is a photo of our family. I couldn't resist leaving this one in color because it shows off my cute new haircut and color.


Little Hensley Fam said...

that's so sweet! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I was so excited to hear the news of Uncle Glade (your Grandpa!)getting remarried! I'm enjoying your blog, thanks for keeping it update... I'm trying to keep mine going! We're moving to San Diego in June, so maybe we'll get to see you guys again soon!

Kyle, Kate, and Noah said...

We are happy for your grandpa! He was such a sweet temple sealer for us and we won't forget him! Good for him. And on a side note, I love your hair! :)

corryfever said...

what great pictures! and i absolutely love your new haircut, you look stunning!