Thursday, May 29, 2008

Havasu Baby

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we went to Lake Havasu with our friends, the Cunninghams and the Hanks. With both couples prego and Eli with us, we were definitely the party boat on the lake.

Eli was not a fan of the huge life jacket he had to wear on the boat. He was like a little turtle, not able to move, turn or break his fall. So, we had to hold him the whole time, which he did not appreciate.

But... he made up for it back at the house by WALKING... all over the place. He just took off. It was like he decided all at once that he'd rather walk. He pushes up to standing wherever he's at and then toddles several steps. We counted up to 30 steps at a time. I can't believe he is only 9 months old and truly walking. We'll have to take a video and post soon. But in the meantime, here are some river photos.

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corryfever said...

he is so, so, so cute! a little water baby, i love it! the one of him at the helm is my favorite.