Monday, August 3, 2009

Eli's 2nd Birthday Party

Since our new baby will come right before Eli's second birthday, I planned his party a couple of weeks early. I figured I better post it early too, or it might never happen with the new baby coming and moving into a new house.

For Eli's party, we had another water party (really, what else is there to do in August?). We had sprinkler toys and pools and three pedal cars (and they managed to still fight over them!). Here are some pictures of Eli at his party.

Do you notice a car theme with Eli? Those were his favorite - especially when he could ride in the back. We took a few minutes out for Eli to eat lunch.

And jump on the trampoline. I love that his feet are all shriveled from the water.

And here are some of Eli's friends that came to the party.

Cake time!

We've taught Eli to say "two" and hold up his fingers when you ask how old he is. It's so cute!

Later that afternoon, after Eli's nap, he got to open presents. He was so excited. We had to try to pace him to get some pictures.

Because Eli LOVES cars, I was a little worried Eli would get a TON of cars. But he only got one set of matchbox cars. It was perfect.

He promptly wanted to open them and line them up and "park" them over and over again. He's been doing this with his cars for a while, so I was glad to get some pictures of his organizational skills. He can really concentrate on something for quite a while when he is interested.


Rachel Pierce said...

Such fun! I love the "two" fingers. :)

Cope Family said...

I agree the photo with him holding up two fingers is way cute. He looks like he had a blast on his birthday!

Chris Fullmer said...

Looks like a fun party! Happy Birthday to Eli! -Fenna

Gayathri said...

Really nice shots!!

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