Friday, April 3, 2009

A rose by any other name

Names... ugh! Like I said in the last post, the only problem with having a boy is coming up with a name. I don't know why, but Elijah (Eli) just seemed to fit last time. Pretty much my whole pregnancy, we knew his name would be Elijah. I keep waiting for an epiphany this pregnancy and it's just not happening. So...

We would like to hear your input on our very long and ever changing "short" list of boy names - even suggestions would be appreciated. I'm just getting so tired of looking at list after list of names and getting no inspiration. Sure, there's a lot of names we like, but can I see my next son with the name - I don't know. Feel free to vote in the poll on the right --> but please, please leave your comments below so we know why you do or don't like certain names - their connotations, etc. Here's the list (for now):

Malakai (Kai)

And just to keep this post interesting, here is a sneak preview of Lincoln for our good friends, the Cunninghams. Lincoln, now that's a good name...


Elisa said...

I love Emmett and Jasper, although it might be cool to have all the kids have scripture names, so Eli and Levi would be cute too. Xion I think would make people think of the Matrix...and they would have a hard time spelling/pronouncing it probably.

Danielle McKee said...

I think my favorites would have to be Noah, Levi and Jasper. I am al about the unuausal names however I think that Enoch, Malakai and Xion may be difficult to pronouce, spell and understand as a small child. And if it counts my hubby and I think Jasper Noah Baker or Levi Jasper have a nice ring :)

Anonymous said...

I really don't like any of them, but I especially don't like Xion or Kai. Xion is just too odd! It's also VERY religion specific. Millie always complains that she can never find any souvenir with her name on it...keep that in mind. Kai seems more appropriate for an islander. Jasper Baker just sounds to southern hick to me. Emmett reminds me of a black football player. Same with Isaiah. All I can say is good luck! Boy names were so hard for us because Baker is such a boring last name that we felt the first name needed to be more unique.
What about Elexander (Elex.

Fergus and Tux said...

We liked Levi the best out of the list you are looking at. It just seems to go pretty well.

Have you thought about Aaron Malakai Baker?

Sara Kelley said...

i personally love emmett. eli and emmett...i think it fits perfectly! you don't realize it at the time you name your first, that every name you pick afterward needs to know?
good luck! picking names is sooooooooo hard for us!

Sterling and Cori Anne said...

Sterling likes Isaiah and Noah. I kinda like Emmett. It's cute. But I also like Noah. So I guess as a couple our vote is Noah. :)

Mom said...

I still like Noah best (doesn't matter that it's popular) - jonah is nice too. Levi is also getting very popular but it is quite Jewish-sounding. Emmet is a nice name - but it might sound like you intend to name all your kids (or the boys) with "E" names, so you need to think about that.

Misty said...

From the names on the list I like Noah the best. A couple of names that I like are Caleb, Aiden, and if you want to go the Twilight route- Cullen! =) Good Luck!