Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lake Havasu

In January, we were able to take a short vacation to Lake Havasu. It has been a long time since we have been able to visit Lake Havasu, so when we didn't have any big plans for the holiday in January, we decided to head to Havasu for a quiet weekend. It was such a nice, relaxing weekend - we didn't even put the boat in the water. We went to the local swap meet, shopped a little and visited the island several times to let Eli play at the playground and wade in the water.

One time, we also brought some goldfish crackers and showed Eli how to feed the birds. Eli was excited when the birds came so close to him, but then he wasn't sure he wanted to share his crackers. We would throw one to the birds and then eat one: "one for you, one for me." It was pretty funny.

There always seems to be gorgeous sunsets in Havasu, so one of the nights we took a few pictures. Here's a shot from the front yard.

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Rachel Pierce said...

What a NICE family getaway. I'm needing one of those these days with our winter lasting forever! Beautiful sunset! The colors are so vivid!