Monday, December 8, 2008

Updated Blog

I've been so busy with holiday photography sessions, that I haven't taken many personal pictures. But in the meantime, check out my photography blog. It's been updated with this awesome maternity shoot.


dunlop family said...

i LOVE to look at your stuff...if you EVER come through st george PLEASe call me so we can get together...i would LOve for you to take our photos....i finally paid someone to take our fam pics and just as i suspected...i wasnt completly satisfied. she's a friend and she is darling but she is also learning which is fine but i have this funny way of thinking...i have a VERY hard time paying someone to do what i know i can do better. she has a good camera and cs2 so i thought that would be worth paying her for and she has done pretty good work before with other families but i dont like we didnt get but a hand ful of shots with andy and i and two or three candids with our children. maybe thats the problem with going to school for photography. some people (namely you) just have the talent...the eye...the nack. and some try to learn it. so PLEASE call me up!!! i'll email my phone number to ya if you dont have it already! thanks girlie!

Rachel Pierce said...

I LOVE this shot Amber! Your photography is beautiful and fun and amazing. This is going to take a while to catch up on- but worth it!