Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Disney's Club 33

Do you want to go to Disney's Club 33? That's the question our friends, the Devards, asked us on Saturday morning, 15 minutes before we would have to leave. So our answer was "Of course!" Who would miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to Club 33? Not us!
Brian and I have always wanted to go to this exclusive club in Disneyland. Neither of us had been, despite Brian's insider knowledge of everything Disney and my having worked at Disneyland for 3 years (cast members cannot even visit this club). So if any of the rest of you have wondered what Club 33 looks like, we'll show you...
This club is not on any map or guide of Disneyland, the only indication this club exists is this "33" sign by an inconspicuous door. Sterling had to give the secret password (our reservation name) into this top secret hidden intercom.
IMG_2597 IMG_2450
Once inside, a cast member checked our reservations and acted as bouncer for anyone not authorized to enter. There were stairs or a glass elevator to reach the club above. Of course we had to try the awesome elevator.
IMG_2589 IMG_2452
Here is what the club looks like. There are crystal chandeliers, parquet wood floor, crown moldings, formal place settings, and of course very attentive wait staff. Also to our surprise, the club was very small - just this one room. No wonder it was nearly impossible for Sterling to get reservations.
IMG_2538 IMG_2487 IMG_2472
Here is our table, overlooking New Orleans Square below. It was so exciting to be there, we didn't care that we were tacky tourists taking photos of everything.
When you get there, you are given a menu to choose your entree. On the menu was salmon, prime rib, lamb chops... but no prices. Once you select an entree (hoping you didn't blow the bank), you go to the "salad bar" where you choose from a bunch of unrecognizable fancy foods. The ones I can name are crab legs, shrimp and lobster.
My salmon came garnished with caviar and complimented with Champagne encrusted rice cakes. Eli and I were having a good time.
After lunch, we got to go to the dessert bar. I of course had to sample everything. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity right? No counting calories here. They were so yummy. They look mouth watering even in photos.
IMG_2475 IMG_2543
Even the bathrooms were unique and fancy. There were toile wallpaper, molded mirrors, crystal chandeliers, antique vanities, and of course... wicker toilets? That is odd. Good thing I didn't have to use it. :)
IMG_2483 IMG_2560 IMG_2578
Before we left, we visited the balcony above New Orleans Square to take some pictures. How often do you get this view above the crowds? It was very nice.
IMG_2513 IMG_2570
Our exciting and unique lunch at Club 33 was just perfect, except for one thing... the bill. See our horrified reactions below:
IMG_2633 IMG_2660
After ignoring how much of our savings we tossed down for lunch, we had a fun day at Disneyland going on rides with the Devards. Later that night, Brian and I saw the lighting ceremony at the castle and got to swing dance at Carnation Plaza.
IMG_2868 IMG_2908

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