Monday, November 5, 2007

Baby Blessing

This Sunday was Elijah's Baby Blessing. It was an incredible blessing. The spirit was so strong during the blessing as well as the testimony meeting afterwards. Brian and I both feel our testimony of the power of the priesthood has grown, and we appreciate the blessings it brings our family. Brian noted in his testimony (and I agree) that it is just starting to dawn on him the awesome responsibility our Father in Heaven has given us to raise this sweet young spirit and help him receive the rich blessings that are in store for him.
Elijah 11.4.07 224 Elijah 11.4.07 241
We had so many family members come into town for Elijah's blessing. We took some family photos after church:
Elijah Mom's pics 11.5.07 266 Elijah Mom's pics 11.5.07 284
After church, we had a brunch at my mom's house for family and friends. We were amazed at how many people came to support and congratulate us. There was almost 40 people there! Eli was just soaking up all the attention and love But he fell asleep exhausted by the end - he slept for almost 4 hours when we got home!
Elijah 11.4.07 252 Elijah 11.4.07 268

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