Sunday, August 19, 2007

Elijah Keith Baker

The past few days have been a blur. We hardly know what day it is! But I know one thing for sure – we are totally and utterly in love with our little boy. It doesn’t seem to matter that there is no time for us to sleep, eat, or do anything for ourselves. All I want to do is stare into his eyes and thank heavenly father for the blessing he has given us. It is awe-inspiring to me to hold a spirit that just left our heavenly father. His spirit is so strong; it overwhelms me as I look into his eyes. It reminds me of a poem by Carol Lynn Pearson that I have always loved:

Day-old Child

My day-old child lay in my arms.

With my lips against his ear

I whispered strongly, “How I wish –

I wish that you could hear;

“I’ve a hundred wonderful things to say

(A tiny cough and a nod),

Hurry, hurry, hurry and grow

So I can tell you about God.”

My day-old baby’s mouth was still

And my words only tickled his ear.

But a kind of a light passed through his eyes,

And I saw this thought appear:

“How I wish I had a voice and words;

I’ve a hundred things to say,

Before I forget I’d tell you of God –

I left Him yesterday.”

I definitely should not have worried that I would feel awkward and not know what to do with him when he came. It feels completely natural to hold him in my arms and love him.

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